Wholesale Hair Building Fibers made in the USA

Made in the USA

Work Smarter...not harder Wholesale Hair Building Fibers, are now available to you in bulk, private label, or as an independent re-seller of our Hair Building Fibers.   

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By making Wholesale Hair building fibers available to you, for resale, You will be afforded the opportunity to establish your own brand with your own label that will offer great profit margins and a superior product to what is currently on the market. Bulk Hair Building Fibers is a product designed for Men and Women who suffer from thinning hair.  This product will give instant results for fuller hair all the while going undetected. 

Our Wholesale Hair Building Fibers are made of a proprietary blend of Polyester, Limestone and other minerals from the earth, our product has a formula superior to that of our competitors that looks and feels more natural and does not cause an itchy scalp. 

This product has earned the recognition of being the most safe and effective technique to fill in thinning hair areas and blend with your natural hair follicles. 

Unlike other hair building fibers, our Wholesale Hair Building Fibers do not contain wool, an ingredient that causes irritation and scalp itch.

We ship worldwide. International accounts welcome. Available in some Beauty Supply stores

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Wholesale hair building fibers are available in bulk fibers , shelf ready with no label and shelf ready with Hair-Tek Brand label . 

 Worldwide shipping available